The price depends on the contract's duration.

AGROCARGO – provides milk transportation services using high-quality domestic and imported tankers that meet the requirements of GOST 9218-2015 and are owned by the company.
Milk products – are the most perishable and demanding goods in terms of transportation conditions among all bulk cargoes. Any delay, carelessness, or negligence can lead to the loss of a large batch.
AGROCARGO – is a company that fully understands the responsibility of transporting this highly demanded cargo and carries out transportation at a high level. We transport milk and dairy products using insulated tankers in full compliance with all Russian and international standards.

Some possible advantages of working with AGROCARGO could include:

  • Temperature regime
      Milk transportation by tankers is carried out with a guarantee of full compliance with the temperature regime. All tanks made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel are equipped with effective insulation.
    • Sanitary norms
        Impeccable compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards before each transportation, sealing according to GOST 18677.
        Milk transportation by tankers is carried out only after their thorough washing, disinfection, and drying under the supervision of a company employee and the driver.
      • Speed
          Delivery speed. We understand that milk transportation by tankers is a service that requires clarity and promptness of actions. The faster the milk reaches its destination, the longer it can be in circulation and end up on the shelves as a finished product.
        • Technical specifications of milk tankers
          • The capacity of tanker trucks ranges from 3 to 40 cubic meters.
          • The shape of the tanks can be cylindrical, conical, elliptical, suitcase-shaped or rectangular. Tanks can also be single-section or multi-section.
          • In milk tankers, thermal insulation prevents temperature changes of more than 4 degrees when the temperature difference with the environment is within 30+/-20 C for 12 hours.
          • Additionally, the milk tanks are equipped with a refrigeration unit that operates from a 220 V power supply during parking.
          We conclude short-term and long-term contracts for the transportation of milk and dairy products.

        AGROCARGO route network:

        On the territory of the Russian Federation
        Delivery across the Russian Federation territory to federal networks, large-scale processing of raw materials
        To the CIS countries
        As well as to the countries of the Customs Union
        EU countries
        Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece...
        Key ports of the Russian Federation
        Novorossiysk, Ust-Luga, Vostochny Port, Primorsk, Murmansk and others

        We are members of the ATS Charter and the AIC Charter

        The Charter's mission
        The Charter's mission
        Restoration of fair competition in the entire market of freight transportation by road, formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate tax, administrative and industry legislation of the Russian Federation
        The Charter's mission
        The Charter's mission
        Restoration of fair competition in the entire agricultural market and the formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate the tax legislation of the Russian Federation
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