AGROCARGO is a global digital platform that interacts with a huge number of carriers. AGROCARGO invites you to mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • Transportation throughout Russia
  • International shipping
  • Maximum biosecurity
We offer you to conclude a contract with AGROCARGO for the goods transportation in accordance with the principles of the CHARTER-AIC /CHARTER ATS, this will allow you to solve a range of issues:/ХАРТИИ АТС, это позволит вам решить ряд проблем:
  • Investments in non-core assets
  • Cargo transportation services with its own truck fleet are higher than the average market
  • Risks (tax, biosafety, etc.)
  • Unprofitability of current transport assets
Transfer the current fleet to management
We are members of the ATS Charter and the AIC Charter
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For manufacturing companies, the transport business is non-core one and, as a result, investment activity in the direction of transport and logistics services is unprofitable. Often, these investments are based on the following arguments:
Transport companies cannot ensure proper biosafety.
Your own transport is always cheaper than hiring.
Hired transport cannot provide high quality services.

The economy of specialized TC and TC at manufacturing enterprises is based on different business goals.

  • Profit
  • Long-term relationships:
    • Quality of services provided
    • Market price
    • Biosafety and sanitation
  • 100% export of products
  • Quality of services provided
  • Biosafety and sanitation

Why is a non-core asset harmful to business?

TC at a manufacturing enterprise always has a pronounced orientation towards export and, as a result, other tools to increase economic efficiency are overlooked, which leads to unprofitable investment in a non-core asset.
Our qualified assessment comes down to the fact that the optimal share of own vehicles in the total export is in the range of 20-35%, which allows you to avoid the risks associated with the service and reduce the negative effect on the cost of production.
The resulting savings can be used for other purposes, including investments in specialized (production) assets.
On the right, we have given an average calculation of investments in vehicles by enterprises whose main activity is related to production, and transport services are a non-core area. Calculations and practice show that manufacturers' investments in non-core assets (vehicles) are unprofitable.

Available fleet

Our truck fleet of more than 500 own vehicles can solve any issues.

Criteria for successful and effective work with AGROCARGO

  • item1 Providing a comprehensive service (closed-loop logistics - from the field to the counter)
  • item2 Minimum price for services
  • item3 Responsibility of the business platform for the safety of products
  • item4 Tax compliance of the transaction. In its activities, AGROCARGO strictly adheres to the norms of current legislation, including tax, and stands for transparency in business, in connection with which the Company decided to join the Charter AIC
  • item5 An individual manager who is ready to answer your questions 24/7/7
  • item6 Compliance with the highest-level biosafety compartments (synchronization of routes with hotbed and zones of low biosafety, extra control over cargo movements, medical books, etc.)
  • item7 A single control room for all customers
  • item8 Transparency of transactions with the possibility of obtaining a history
  • item9 Electronic document management
  • item10 Archive of contracts
Striving for development
AGROCARGO welcomes the desire of our customers for development, and we are ready to work together with strategic partners on projects of any complexity, consolidating resources to achieve maximum mutual benefit.
When concluding a cooperation agreement, AGROCARGO will carefully analyze the specifics of your activities and help develop an optimal scheme of collaboration.
Individual logistics schemes
AGROCARGO offers strategic partners customized logistics schemes that meet the specific needs of their business.
Optimal delivery chains
AGROCARGO will develop an optimal cargo delivery chain for you, which will reduce financial and time costs.

We are members of the ATS Charter and the AIC Charter

The Charter's mission
The Charter's mission
Restoration of fair competition in the entire market of freight transportation by road, formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate tax, administrative and industry legislation of the Russian Federation
The Charter's mission
The Charter's mission
Restoration of fair competition in the entire agricultural market and the formation of an intolerant attitude towards companies that violate the tax legislation of the Russian Federation
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