We select, purchase, and deliver

We will do everything ourselves and take on all the delivery risks
We are number 1 in Russia in the transportation of animals by specialized transport.
  • Transportation throughout Russia
  • International shipping
  • Maximum biosecurity

Working with AGROCARGO you get

Access to all manufacturers in the Russian Federation territory
All transactions with one legal entity
No risk of loss or damage to products
Shorter time between payment and receipt of products
More than 10 years in the transport logistics market
The leading logistics operator in the agricultural sector
More than 30 existing contracts with key producers and recyclers of agricultural products
The largest fleet in the RF and the CIS of its own specialized vehicles (cattle, feed, carcasses, milk, and fat carriers, etc.). More than 200 units of vehicles.
We are a member of APK and ATS Charters

What do we offer

Quality products
Live pig 1, 2, 3 categories (from 20 tons)
Cattle (from 20 heads)
Small cattle (from 300 heads)
Pork chilled in half carcasses (from 17 tons)
Technical fat (from 23 tons)
Rapeseed oil (from 23 tons)
Work on the "one window" principle
All transactions (purchase and delivery) are carried out with one legal entity.Agrocargo carries out all communication from the stage of product selection to unloading from the customer.
Extensive delivery geography
All over Russia
From Russia to the CIS countries
From Russia to Europe and Asia
Delivery by own fleet
This allows you to avoid disruptions in the equipment delivery and have a guaranteed delivery cost.
Delivery upgrade
Shortening of terms between payment and receipt of products.
Safety and quality
Agrocargo is 100% responsible for pre-agreed parameters (losses, mortality, fat residue in the barrel, etc.) and errors.

How we work

AGROCARGO is a team of zealous professionals who work every day to provide the best service in the agricultural logistics.
Purchasing division
Purchasing division
Monitors all offers of the main manufacturers on a weekly basis to form the cheapest price.
Logistics department
Logistics department
Forms a rate and puts it in the cost of products based on 1 kg / 1 ton of weight
Sales department
Sales department
Forms the final offer for you, considering all requirements and settings (feeding, grazing, quarantine or other requirements)
Financial division
Financial division
Makes payments for agricultural products according to the terms and prices agreed with you

Work algorithm


Stage 1

Product application, amount determination

Stage 2

Agreement and signing of the contract

Stage 3

Bidding: determining the price, amount and date of shipment

Stage 4

Specification: price and delivery time agreement

Stage 5

Prepaid expense

Stage 6


Stage 7

Cargo transfer

Stage 8

Delivery, unloading at the purchaser's warehouse

Stage 9

Final calculation
Working with AGROCARGO today, you gain confidence in the future
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